The Business Association of Margaretville (BAM) is a grassroots organization made up of store owners, business professionals, community organization leaders, and local residents from the greater Margaretville area. We are housed under the M-ARK Project's 501c(3) umbrella. 

BAM hosts six events per year, Sweet on Main in February, Spring on Main in May, three First Fridays, and Holiday on Main in November. We have also started hosting a clean-up day - collecting garbage, raking, sweeping and more. 

Interested in becoming a Volunteer for Events?

How about opening a business?

Buying or renting a building? 

Supporting BAM's fundraising efforts?

(We're currently purchasing new flags and

Christmas Lights for the Village)

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We'd love to hear from you!

About Margaretville​

Come Experience Small Town Charm in the Catskill Mountains
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 Margaretville​, NY

About BAM

The Village of Margaretville has long been an area of commerce and community. The history and stories of the Village are truly unique and interesting. Learn more about the history of the Village by visiting the Middletown Historical Society website. 

Today the Village of Margaretville is home to dozens of small businesses. From artists to restauranteurs - and law offices to gift shops. There's something for everyone! Margaretville is a little piece of Americana situated in the beautiful Catskill Mountains. It's personal. It's family oriented. It's special.